Healing Sessions. 

Pure Sensations is a place to relax, unwind and let go. You will feel the energy as soon as you walk in, this place is for you to enjoy and be at peace.

Richard will briefly talk with you about your session and where you need energy work. Depending on the type of session, Richard may communicate with spirit to understand the situation and learn more about the client and their life path. Richard will be guided in the techniques needed for the most powerful healing.

During the actual Reiki Healing, you will remain clothed and lay down on a massage bed, you will have a sheet covering you and anything else you need to be comfortable.

Richard will explain everything he does and is doing. you will hear him sometimes chant, breathe energy and draw symbols with his fingers, this is normal to Reiki. You will feel Richards hands on the body, and warmth coming from them. There is no movement like massage, its simply contact.

During the session you will feel an ultimate calmness about you and when the session is over, it will feel like you have had a beautiful and restful sleep.

Richard will take a few minutes to explain what he worked on and the outcome, he will also offer any further messages or impressions experienced during the Reiki.

  • $90.  1 - 1.5 Hours

** Please note. Richard will never push the boundaries when dealing with spirit. Any messages that do come through will only be positive and only necessary to help the client heal.

Reiki Training.

Reiki Courses are available at Pure Sensations. They can be group functions or one on one with Master Richard Schembri.

  • Reiki 1 - $330.
  • Reiki 2 - $430
  • Reiki 3 - $1330
*Courses include certificate and student manual.

Guided Meditation Classes

Ideal for beginners, Guided Meditation Classes are done in groups of up to 8 people. Relax and unwind as Richard guides you. A wonderful meditation with group discussion afterwards to share our experiences.

Meditations will change periodically, with many being channeled from spirit. Most meditations have a healing or spiritual growth aspect.

  • Meditation Class $20 per person. 2 Hours Class.

House / Space Cleansing

Whether you are moving into a new house, selling your property or just wanting to refresh and balance the energy of the area, a cleansing is just what you need. Using Reiki and ancient Smudging techniques; Richard will cleanse, bless and protect the entire space.

Ideal when there has been trauma or spiritual disturbances within the property, to balance and attract positive energy when selling or just to refresh leaving a peaceful space.

  • $120 per event.