About Richard

Richard was born in 1977. The surviving sibling of triplets; he has always had the ability to sense other energies and had a strong connection to universal powers and the spirit world.

After an illness in his late teens and a near death experience caused by this, Richard seemed to have the ability to feel energy with his hands. Exploration of this lead him to find Reiki and he studied this technique as well as many others.

Richard completed:
Reiki 1 in Janurary 2009
Reiki 2 (practitioner) in March 2009
Reiki 3 (masters) in July 2011
Reiki 4 (teachers) in December 2011

Richards understanding of energy, his learned techniques and his strong connections to spiritual energies means he can offer a complete healing.

His goal for his clients is to bring balance, peace and harmony to their life. Remove or cure any issues they may have, and set them on their true life path.

Richard is also a qualified Meditation Facilitator. He has worked as a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. He continues to grow each day, understanding more about energies and how it all relates. Richards journey empowers him to be of better service to his clients.