You're in Good Hands

Richard is a world renowned Healer that has had the pleasure of helping thousands of people globally with his unique spiritual work.
Richard is not only a qualified Reiki Master, but also a very strong Empath, Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium.

Together Richards abilities and training will ensure the best possible understanding and healing. A session with Richard is truly a wonderful experience.

How can Richard help you.

A healing session with Richard is truly a magical experience.  Richard is a kind and understanding healer that will take the time to listen to you and offer the best healing possible. 

To find out more about what the healing session involves and what Richard can help with, click the link below.

Healing Sessions

My work is my purpose, my driving force. It's the reason I am here and I enjoy every moment. 

Reiki Training

 am a very busy person. I love growing and learning. My life's project is to help people understand energy and how we are all connected and part of something truly remarkable.

Guided Meditation Classes

I’m an expert in my field but I wouldn’t be where I am without those who've helped me along the way. That’s why I love connecting with like-minded people and using my passion and skills to make a difference.

Booking a Session

Booking a session with Richard is easy, simply click the link below for our contact form or call Pamela on 0452 231 821 for available session times.